Landscape Design & Construction


West Vancouver Landscape Design


Basalt Walls and Stairs


This landscape design was developed for a client in West Vancouver.  This family loved their house, but the yard was a disappointment.  They did not have a walkway to and from the house, and had to walk up and down the old driveway.  The yard itself was a grassy slope dotted with diseased cherry trees.  They needed a landscape design that offered a safe and inviting pathway down to the house.


We chose Black basalt stair treads for the steps, and Pennsylvania bluestone to make the flagstone walkway.  The retaining walls are made from basalt boulders cut and chiseled to fit together just right.  Hadco Lanscape lights were used to light up the stairs, and the basalt pillars at the top of the driveway.


Japanese maple trees and ornamental grasses round out the landscaping.