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Allan Block Retaining Walls, Pisa Block Retaining Walls,

Keystone Retaining Walls, Valley Stone Retaining Walls






Retaining walls are a fantastic way to gain more usable space in your landscaping.  A landscape installation that includes an Allan Block retaining wall, Pisa Block retaining wall, or even a Vegetated retaining wall will offer a great return on investment due to all the possible land uses it creates.  Install a paving stone patio where there once was a ravine full of black berries, or excavate into an unruly embankment and build yourself an outdoor kitchen area!  The possibilities are endless and they all start with a retaining wall installed by Construx Landscaping Ltd.  We are Certified Installers for the Allan Block Corporation and serve Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.  We also install Pisa Block, Keystone, Flex MSE Vegetated Walls, and Timber walls.


 Are you worried about building permit hassles, getting a land survey, and retaining an engineer?  If you plan on building a retaining wall taller than 4 feet (3 feet in some municipalities)  you may have to deal with this.  Or you could just let us deal with it and not worry at all!


 See below for a few of our retaining wall photos from the North Shore and Vancouver.