Landscape Design & Construction


West Vancouver Landscape Design


Waterfall with Pond, and Flagstone Patio


This landscape design was developed for a client in West Vancouver who was building a new custom home in Dunderave.  Our client wanted a small natural stone patio next to a water feature that would mitigate the sound of passing cars.  A set of stairs up the side yard to the front, and a pavingstone autocourt were also part of the project.


We chose Pennsylvania Bluestone for the patio and walkways, and buff coloured Sandstone for the stair risers.  The water feature starts off with a 20 foot run of stream that cascades over the falls down into a pond rimmed with shale sidewalls and a bluestone copings.  We erected basalt pillars and cut and chiseled large sheets of granite to construct the stair sidewalls that can be seen from the patio.


Kitchler LED landscape lights were used to light up the stairs and walkways.